Hands up Mums if you can’t seem to get a good photograph of your children.  They’re either blurred and out of focus or if you do get the shot, you have no idea how to achieve it again.  I too was that Mum once and feel your photography pain!    

So, I’ve put together some useful tips and tricks on how to photograph your little ones. 

1. Follow their lead

Placing a child somewhere, asking them to stand still and say cheese is frustrating for both you and them.  Let them roam, be themselves and their natural expressions will be there ready for you to photograph.

2.  Be sneaky

If there is an activity your child likes which you know they will be engrossed in, why not set this up near a window and snap away.  Candid photography often produces the most beautiful images as the child is relaxed and not trying to look a certain way and the natural light from the window will light them up perfectly.  Plus the bonus to this is they will be still so you have more time to get them in focus!


3.  Turn off the lights 

Ok, I’m not saying it should be pitch dark but have you ever photographed your children indoors and had a weird orange tinge to your photos?  This is caused by the indoor lights and can be solved simply by turning off any lights.  Even better,  photograph them outside where there is plenty of light.


4.  Vary your position

You can create interesting photographs by changing your position and perspective for a shot. Move around them and get them from different angles. Be prepared to get down low and crawl around! Also, why not move in a little closer and focus on their busy hands or little feet so you can remember every little detail.

5.  Think about what’s in the background

I’m not saying remove everything except your child from the shot but it’s best to move that stranded pack of wet wipes out the way!

The key is to keep practising and remember that the imperfect moments are the ones that will really mean something and tell a story in the future.  If it’s not quite in focus but you love it, please don’t hit delete, keep hold of it to look back on.

If you would like to learn more about how to photograph your children, why not join other like-minded Mums in my Photography for Mums FaceBook Group.