5 easy steps to achieving amazing photographs of your children this Autumn.

Autumn has arrived and is looking AM-AH-ZING!  Nature has given us this beautiful backdrop to play with so why not grab your camera and capture photographs of your little ones using these tips and ideas.


Autumn Children Photography - boy and girl having Autumn photoshoot and laughing at the camera


Plan your children’s Autumn photoshoot


A big part to making your photography a success is the planning ahead so steps 1-3 are:-


1)  Choose your children’s clothes to compliment the colours of Autumn

Before the day, decide what your children are going to wear so they complement each other and also so their clothes work with the Autumn palette of red, orange and yellow.

You could just add a touch of Autumn colour to a pair of jeans.  I’ve put together some colours that work well together to help.

(Autumn clothing colour ideas)

Autumn Children Photography - Autumn colours next to each other as a guide and idea for clothing colours for an Autumn photoshoot



2)  Choose a location before you take your children out for their Autumn photographs

Planning really is key to your Autumn photoshoot.  The last thing you want to do is lug your tired children around with you while you look for the perfect spot. Have a little a scout around beforehand so you and most importantly your children are refreshed on the day.

Autumn Children Photography - photograph of two sisters holding hands and walking during an Autumn photography session


3) Photograph your children early in the morning or later in the day

One of the great things about Autumn is you are much less likely to get the harsh bright light that summer brings.  The sun is lower in the sky and light is so much softer.  So take advantage of the gorgeous glow at these times of day and photograph your children first thing (a bonus if they are early risers!) or wait until later in the day towards the end of the daylight hours.

If you find that you can’t avoid a sunny Autumn day, look for a shaded area and face your child out towards the light.

Autumn Children Photography - photograph of a toddler holding a conker at an Autumn photoshoot


4) Let them have fun


Make it fun and your children will be happy to be photographed. Autumn nature helps us out with this one and brings with it plenty of props to play with. Give them a bunch of leaves to throw, kick around or even be buried in! 

Autumn Children Photography - two girls throwing leaves up into the air during an Autumn photography session in Colchester



5) Remember the little details

Most of the time you will want to photograph your children at eye level as this is the best way to get more of the Autumn background and also to engage with your children.  But it’s also great to add variety and capture the little details.  Perhaps get them to explore for conkers and photograph their little hands clutching their finds.

Autumn Children Photography- a child holding some acorns during an Autumn photoshoot in Colchester



If you want to learn more tips to photograph your children, I’d love for you to join me in my private Photography for Mums FaceBook Group.  Look forward to meeting you in there x