What present do you buy a one-year-old? 

Especially a one-year-old with two older siblings who lives in “passed down” central. 

Darcey, my youngest child, recently turned one.  She’s my first girl so I’d already done the obligatory buy her a baby doll and wanted to give her a special something from me.

I’ve always had a photo shoot to mark my children’s first birthdays.  There are certain ages that you just don’t want to forget.  The age of one is one of those for me  The transition from baby to toddler.  From entirely vulnerable to gaining that independent streak.

When my eldest turned one five years ago, I hired a photographer and by the time my next son came along, I’d learnt how to use my camera and took him out for a shoot.  This time around, I promised myself I’d get in front of the camera too.



So one glorious overcast morning, Darcey and I took a trip to Mersea in Colchester. 

Just me and her (plus camera, tripod, pushchair, snacks, nappies and the usual gumpf that comes with a one year old!)

Did I look mad lugging all of this across the sand?  I sure did.  Do I care?  Not one little bit.  I now have photographs for me to hold on to and for Darcey to look back on and there is no better present than that.


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