How is it almost the School Holidays already?  My son’s School in Colchester breaks up on Thursday and this one seems to have crept up on me quicker than the grey I’m starting to find in my hair.

If the panic has started to set in already as to how you are going to keep your little ones entertained for two weeks, you’re not alone.  I’ve put together a few ideas to help us get through it.



1)      Cheat at baking

I’m not a cook at the best of times but throw a crazy toddler into the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster.  So if you’re like me and the thought of this fills you with dread, why not get one of those cheapo cake mixes where you can just add water and let them go for it!  With the lack of effort involved it really doesn’t matter if it tastes awful.


2)      Build a fort

Sofas, chairs, blankets and throws are all fair game for this one!  If nothing else, a fort is an escape into another world which reaches into the depths of their imaginations.  Perhaps it takes me back to my pop-up Wendy House but there is something about building a fort that makes me feel all nostalgic.


3)   Take them on a train ride


Kids love trains – fact!

Is it the freedom of not being strapped in?  The views whizzing by?  Who knows, but it’s a great activity to do which doesn’t cost the earth.  The journey from Marks Tey to Sudbury is an ideal length and has a fantastic play area right near the Sudbury Train Station.




4)   Have a picnic lunch in the Lounge

Cheap, easy and fun!  Why not let loose one day and let the children have a picnic in the house.  I’m going to be honest and say, I’ve not been brave enough to try this yet but it seems such a good idea.  Watch this space as to whether my toddler insists on eating on the floor from this day forward…

5)   Let them have screen time

TV, iPad, Games Consoles, whatever, sometimes it just needs to be done to give everyone a break.  My son’s latest favourite is watching a boy unwrapping presents but, if it floats his boat, I’m happy to go with it!

Enjoy your break x



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